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Those who know me know my love for perfumes. The scents I love are always the Fresh, Floral and Feminine ones! Few months ago, I was gifted the Jo Malone-Wood Sage and Sea Salt and since then I am hopelessly addicted to it.



Let me tell more about this gem of a perfume – the first spritz of this luxurious perfume, transported me to the beach! Not the typical coconut-y tropical beach, but some British seashore with sea shells-and-cool-salty-breeze-in-my-hair kind of  place. The scent is very fresh and kind of cool outdoorsy; it is musky and salty at the same time. Just perfect for someone who spends 95% of her time of the year in the sunshine! A little teleporting happens every time I spray it on!

As the name suggests, it has hints of herby (sage) fragrance which makes it very different from the ones that I have been using all my life! It is very dramatic yet not suffocating.

Although it took me a good couple of wears to get used to the fragrance, now it is my go-to perfume for special occasions or if I just have to lounge at home with my pjs on.

It has a very unique fragrance in a way that its not that feminine. It is good mix of everything: fresh, musky, citrusy, wee bit herby!

My hubby just loves it when I put it on and it’s an easy way to fish some compliments from him too 😉

The packaging is beyond gorgeous. It comes in a box beautifully packed with a black ribbon and I just didn’t feel like throwing it away. I can never dispose such pretty packaging – can any of you relate with me on that?



Jo Malone is a quintessentially British Fragrance line which is now available all over the world. The fragrances can be combined and layered with other complementary Jo Malone fragrances and I somehow find this idea rather artistic. So by playing with the huge selection of perfumes Jo Malone offers, one can find a fragrance which will be absolutely unique to the person!

Only regret: I would have loved it insanely more if the fragrance wore on me for a little longer.

They come in a 30ml and 100 ml sized bottles.

So, the next time, you come across the Jo Malone boutique store, drop in and take a sniff at the amazing collection it carries.

Do you have any Jo Malone scent on your wishlist?  Or are you hopelessly in love with a fragrance like me? Let me know in the comments below.

Till then, xx

My wishlist: Peony & Blush Suede CologneCan’t stop me from loving some florals!

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  1. Sanjukta Maitra
    December 17, 2016 / 6:09 pm

    The fragrance has been nicely expressed which clearly brings out your deep love for such exclusive perfumes. and good write up.

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