Remote Fear

She was wandering, quite lost, in the night. Tired as she was, she could fall asleep any moment but she was painfully awake and walking in a daze.

Out of nowhere, she felt a cold hard stab in her ribs and a strong will urging her speechlessly along the dark path. Scared witless, she was too shocked even to scream, and obliged. A wrong turn here and another cruel pain in the midriff – another wrong turn there and another sharp dig. She dared not turn around to see what horror lay behind. The fear was growing with every step…

She couldn’t take it anymore – another stab and this time she did scream. Nobody heard it. But she was relieved to be aware: her tormentor was the fan’s remote control which smote her with every toss and turn in her restless sleep.

True story that never happened 😉


Sweet dreams!



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