Getting ready for new school? StickerKid labels are here to help

With the new school year comes excitement and fun along with its share of late evenings of packing, sorting, and labelling all supplies including books, markers, folders, and what not! The last thing you want is a kid shedding bucket loads of tears having lost their favourite things the first week 🙂 Fellow parents, I feel you!

What made it super fun this year were the colourful StickerKid labels, which not only made our life as parents much easier since the kids were happily involved in putting the fancy name labels on their school belongings but also made the process enjoyable.

We had been using this Swiss brand for a good 4 years now for both my boys’ Kindergarten belongings, so when the company approached me last month for a collaboration with them, I could not be more happy! Being a satisfied customer for  a long time, I had full trust in them and their products to be high quality and durability and I am not disappointed this time also!

StickerKid is a Swiss Brand, which makes customised name labels for kids’ clothings and belongings, so the kids can easily identify them and hence minimises the chance of losing and misplacing them. There are tons of designs, sizes, colours and fonts to choose from – the little ones can choose online from a wide range of fun, quirky icons which makes the process a lot of fun – my sons love the rockets, giraffe, and monsters.

There are quite a few types of stickers available like Iron-on (permanent and temporary) labels for clothes, non-iron labels for clothes tags, for the kid’s shoes, safety wristbands, etc.

The quality of the products is very high and are 100% water-proof. They can withstand dishwashers, washing machines, regular washing and cleaning  and the adhesive is also very strong, so they stay put after months and months of usage.

Delivery is fast – international shipping to Singapore generally takes about 5-7 working days.

Finally, I am excited to share a  discount coupon code with you, my lovely readers: use Rheawrites10 to get a 10% discount on your order on the Singapore store. Its valid till 19th August, 2019 and excludes gift card and shipping fees.

Till then,

From a happy StickerKid customer


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