Minty Watermelon Cooler

I hear summer and I think of watermelons! Red, juicy and cold watermelon pieces by the pool! Oh the dream!

Although where I live it is summer all the year round (ugh! how much I miss the seasons!), so I can very well do with a glass of the cool drink almost everyday after running errands in the heat and sweat!

I keep trying out easy fun recipes which can be made in a jiffy and with the things readily available, so here I am sharing a super easy Watermelon Quencher, which is not only very refreshing but also one of the prettiest pink drink I have seen!


It is an exciting spin on our favourite summer lemonade, which will be a great hit for summer parties, barbecues, or even when relaxing in pyjamas with Netflix on.

Things I needed to make this tangy, sweet and minty punch:

  • 2 cups of watermelon pieces
  • 1 cup pineapple pieces
  • few sprigs of mint leaves
  • 1 lime (add more depending on the tartness)
  • sugar syrup – optional (sugar content will be as per your liking and also how sweet the fruits are)
  • Lots of ice!

Gave all the ingredients a good churn in the blender for a minute. Strained the drink (optional).

The proportion is good to serve one and one’s bestie.

watermelon-drink 5

watermelon-drink 4

Before straining- it’s loaded with fibre


The coolest thing about this drink is it can be varied in so many ways: add booze of your choice for the weekends and the parties, pineapples can easily be substituted with kiwis, grapefruits, ginger – or whatever is available in the fridge, sparkling water can be added for fizz.


Do we see a budding photographer?!




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