Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask Review

All the travelling in the last couple of months, exposure to cabin air and different climates took a toll on my skin. My almost all year round oily skin, started showing dry patches on the forehead, chin and sometimes on the cheeks too.

My friend suggested that I start using Neutrogena masks since she got some good results after using them. The mask junkie in me thought, why not? 

Neutrogena is widely available all over the island in pharmacies like Watsons and Guardian, and I picked up a couple of their Deep Hydrating Sheet Masks to try.

The product promises to provide:

  • Instant and long lasting moisturization
  • Deep hydration, thus leaving the skin bouncy
  • Improved skin texture leaving it soft and smooth with a healthy glow

Wow! – tall claims those! So without too much expectation, I started using it once (sometimes twice) a week.

The mask is extremely non-sticky and the essence is almost watery in consistency with no fragrance. I do not personally like the thick, goopy sheet masks, which leaves a tacky film on the skin after use, so this was a pleasant surprise. The thin cloth sheet mask is slightly big for my face (mostly all sheets are) but it is very easy to put on since its not dripping wet with the serum.

My first application of the mask:

After keeping for 15 minutes or so, and a gentle massage to the skin with the remaining essence, I could see my skin looked quite fresh and dewy. The dry patches were visibly reduced but not gone (I know – in spite of what I said, I guess I was expecting too much from the first usage). The skin looked radiant for almost the rest of the day with no break-outs, so I was pretty satisfied with the result.

Since then I have incorporated it in my regular skin care regime. It has been 2 months and I am loving the results. The dry patches have long gone and skin looks plump and healthy. It can be used as an additional treat to the skin if there is something fancy in the evening, or if one feels like indulging in a self-pampering session on the weekend.

Price is decent at $2.95 per sheet from Watsons. I stock it up during their sale period for $2.00, so look out for that.

I am looking forward to trying their other masks – like HydroBoost Mask.  If you have used it, do let me know your review.

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